Efficiency Mode

Efficiency Mode (eMode)

The High Efficiency mode feature (or "eMode") is designed to maximise capital efficiency when collateral and borrowed assets are correlated in price.

The RISK_ADMINS and POOL_ADMIN, set by Maker Governace, can configure a maximum of 255 eMode categories, with each EModeCategory having following risk management parameters:

  • LTV (Loan to value)

  • Liquidation threshold

  • Liquidation bonus

  • A custom price oracle (optional)

πŸ’‘ Category 0 is reserved as the default non-eMode category. All the assets listed on SparkLend, by default have category 0 (which indicates the standard operational mode).

All Assets listed on SparkLend can be set to any of the pre-configured eModeCategory by the RISK_ADMINS or POOL_ADMIN.

The correct categorisation is not enforced on-chain and needs to be maintained by the RISK_ADMINS and POOL_ADMINS selected via the Maker Governace vote.

eMode also offers the possibility of introducing a specific price oracle for a certain category.

How it works?

If the user has supplied liquidity to the protocol, the user eMode category is set to 0 by default.

The protocol allows user to set the user eMode category to any of the eModeCategories configured by the PoolConfigurator given the following conditions holds true:

  • all the borrowed assets of the user are in the chosen category.

  • changing eMode doesn’t leave user position under-collateralised

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