🏠Spark Developer Documentation

Welcome to Spark!

The next-gen DeFi infrastructure for DAI

Spark is on a mission to empower the DAI ecosystem. As part of the MakerDAO community.

This section of the documentation is intended for developers looking to learn more about, build on top of, or develop tooling for Spark. For more general information, please go to Docs.

DeFi Infrastructure

  • SparkLend: The DAI centric money market protocol. Combining the best liquidity directly from Maker and vertically integrating with the best DeFi protocols.

  • sDAI is a yield bearing stablecoin, representing DAI in the Dai Savings Rate (DSR) module, which distributes revenue from the Maker protocol to DAI holders.

  • SparkConduits allow for direct liquidity from Maker to protocols as part of the overall Maker Allocation System.

SparkDAO is a Maker Allocator subDAO that owns and manages Spark through decentralised governance. Its launch, alongside the other subDAOs, is scheduled for May 2024.

The IP in this repository was assigned to Mars SPC Limited in respect of the MarsOne SP

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